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These were developed by Dr. Sasha Hines, PhD, MAPP. Dr. Hines is a developmental psychologist and life coach, is an expert in positive psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck.



The STEAR Map is made up of five parts: situation, thoughts, emotions, actions and results. It illustrates how our thoughts produce our emotions, our emotions fuel our actions and our actions create our results.

Infographic with the letters: STEAR on them with circles and additional information. Situation triggers a thought that produces an emotion that generates an action that causes a result


Coaching will often bring up some strong and big emotions in us. Many people with ADHD have also experienced some level of trauma that our body often does not know how to properly process and heal from so instead it holds onto it. As your coach I am not trained or qualified to help you heal from trauma but I am here to hold safe and informed space to help you feel. I will sit with you and if appropriate even offer to facilitate a mindfulness technique to help you allow your body to ride those waves as they come.  

As your coach you can rely on me to:

  • Observe your emotional experience without judgment

  • Not be intimidated by your emotions. 

  • Act as a "lifeguard" reminding you that you are safe. 

  • Remind you that your emotions are not a problem, even when they may feel like they are.

  • Allow you the time and space to feel your emotions as they come and go. 

  • Facilitate and offer the SURF tool to help you feel emotions as they arise. 

SURF Tool, all letters in "surf" are in circles they stand for STOP, UNFOLD, RECEDE and then FIND THE NAME

Self Coaching Tools

With time my hope is that you will be able to not only rely upon me to coach you with ADHD but that you will be able to also support yourself with confidence in times of need through the tools we learn to tap into together this includes the STEAR MAP as well as the SURF tool. 

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