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a pencil with a pink eraser at the top and a leaf coming out of it, roots are coming out of the lead in the pencil

What is causal coaching?

Causal coaching focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of a client's challenges or problems. This approach involves exploring the underlying beliefs, values, emotions, and patterns of behavior that contribute to the client's current situation. Causal coaching aims to help the client gain deeper self-awareness and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that they can make meaningful changes. The ultimate goal of causal coaching is to empower the client to take ownership of their life and create a more fulfilling and purposeful future.

Andy G. 

“Kamden's coaching is exactly what I've needed to clarify my message, and she's been able to meet me where I'm at every step of the way. Her knowledge of social media, branding, and the sales process, has helped me attract precisely the clients I love having on my roster.  "
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