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Welcome.                er! 


It's time to take your life back and live fully and confidently with ADHD. 


My ADHD Coaching Specialties

Small Business & Social Media Coach



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Hi. I'm Kamden. 

I have ADHD. 

I am a trained and certified ADHD causal coach. 

Kamden ADHD Coaching and Mentoring was established to dig deep. I've found that quick ADHD hacks often don't last. That's why I focus on coaching that delves deeper into the root of the issue. This includes learning the power of your thoughts and emotions as you set up your systems and goals.


Rather than just finding quick solutions I'll work with you to discover what's holding you back from taking action and tapping into your creative potential. 


If you're open to learning, I'm ready to show you how it works!

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Progress with ADHD starts with education, ownership and self- compassion. Take that trek.

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Kamden is AMAZING. She was exactly the kind of coach I was looking for in this season of getting the foundation of my branding, website, and social media marketing skills for my coaching business. Having someone who has hands on experience and knowing how to work with the ADHD brain was super helpful. I felt like I was always about to be my authentic self with Kamden. If you chose her to be your coach, you won’t regret it!

- Elye S.

I absolutely have loved working with Kamden. Her clear and compassionate coaching style really made me feel safe to land in the truth of the power I have to create and to embrace and use my brain’s unique patterns to actualize my business visions in tangible steps. No matter what challenges I brought to our sessions whether mindset, emotional or logistical she helped me with ease and grace to navigate a step by step way forward with joy and self-love!

- Gina R.

Kamden helped me to take the jumbled thoughts in my head and make sense of them. Kamden is great at meeting you where you are at, each session she gave me the strategies to practice in order to make progress. Her coaching has helped me learn how to focus on one thing at a time and be more aware of thoughts that are getting me off track with my goals.

- Chelsie S. 

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