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Are you feeling scattered, overwhelmed and exhausted?
Join my LDS affirming ADHD group coaching program!

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Learn your brain. Change your life. 


Welcome to MiNDFUL. Kamden's exclusive GROUP ADHD COACHING program, offering support, a nurturing community, and expert guidance to help you harness your innate strengths and flourish with your ADHD brain. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints I understand the culture, traditions and teachings you are navigating PLUS your ADHD brain! Let me support you as your LDS ADHD Coach! I also coach 1:1 for more specialized and intensive coaching. 

Each month in MiNDFUL you'll get:

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Expert Coaching

Access to top-tier ADHD coaching from Kamden Hainsworth, a certified ADHD coach with a deep understanding of ADHD and a trauma-informed perspective. Kamden's extensive experience will guide you through the challenges and strengths of an ADHD brain.

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Access to Our Content Library

Dive into a wealth of resources in our content library, including video lessons, PDFs, and future workbooks, designed to support your ADHD journey. Explore a treasure trove of knowledge to enhance your understanding and empowerment.


Personalized Growth

MiNDFUL empowers you to embrace your individuality and explore flexible solutions tailored to your ever-changing ADHD brain. Develop self-awareness, emotional regulation, and the skills needed to thrive on your terms.

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$97 USD/month



Hi I'm Kamden

In 2019, life felt like a maze where I was trapped and powerless, even with a loving family, supportive friends, and success. I relentlessly pushed myself, silencing my own voice and following advice from well-intentioned mentors who didn't fully understand me, my rhythm or my brain. The result... massive burnout and disconnection from who I truly was.


My journey took a breathtaking turn when I felt I was led to adult ADHD. Finding a whole community that spoke my language felt like a divine gift from God. Not only that but I hired my first ADHD coach and EVERYTHING began to improve. Through a wealth of ADHD education from podcasts, clinicians, books, and coaching, I charted my own path. In 2019, I decided to share my story, and by 2020, I created my first ADHD business, to help others like me find the personalized ADHD help they needed.


Fast forward to 2022, with a new baby and a rekindled sense of purpose, I officially became a certified ADHD coach. And now, it is my joy to introduce you to MiNDFUL, a group coaching program born from my journey and the thousands of interactions I've had with 1:1 clients, social media connections, and absolutely amazing coaches and advocates in the ADHD community.


Whether you're taking your first step on your ADHD journey or have been on the path for years, MiNDFUL is an excellent coaching platform to call home. Join us for a month or more, and you'll embark on a transformative journey that isn't built on sheer determination, fear, or adrenaline. Here, we foster growth without resorting to shame, pressure, or guilt. Instead, we embrace the journey with an open heart, addressing the hard truths, exploring deep emotions, and delving into profound, introspective questions that pave the way for genuine growth. 


You'll find peace and safety knowing you're among a community of fellow ADHD individuals, and I can assure you, that makes all the difference.


MINDFUL is for you if you want to:

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Regulate your ADHD Brain 

MINDFUL helps you develop skills that identify the underlying causes of your challenges with focus, organization, emotions and time management. By understanding the root causes of your symptoms, you will start to develop strategies to regulate your ADHD brain and emotions.

Create Autonomy

YOU are the boss of your brain. When you can recognize your ADHD taking over, you can also learn how to take steps to regain control. MINDFUL helps you shift from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to feeling empowered and in control.

Achieve your goals

When we pursue goals, our brain faces unfamiliar situations. Its primary task is to protect us, so it may create mental barriers to avoid harm. Yet, these barriers are usually unnecessary as we are most often not in real danger. MINDFUL teaches us how to recognize and shift these barriers to help us move closer to our desired results. 

Elizabeth H. 

Kamden welcomes members to each session, embracing all with a "come as you are" attitude. 

Ashley S. 

Kamden’s coaching nudged me out of my comfort zone in the most beautiful way, and I left our sessions feeling confident and capable using new skills. 

Lily E. 

I got more than just organization, I gained confidence in my skills, and thats really what got me back in the game the way I needed to be.

What's included in my membership?

LIVE Workshops Taught by Kamden

Each month in MiNDFUL, you can look forward to engaging virtual workshops designed to empower you with valuable tools and insights. Explore diverse topics that enhance your understanding of ADHD, self-discovery, and personal growth.

LIVE Coaching Calls 

Join our weekly MiNDFUL coaching calls, live or on recordings, for insightful discussions and personalized guidance. Whether as an observer, or getting coached LIVE, you'll gain valuable insights and benefits from these sessions.

Education Vault 

When you become a part of MiNDFUL, you'll gain access to an ever-expanding vault of extra educational recordings. These valuable resources continuously grow, enriching your journey with new insights and tools to support your understanding of ADHD and personal growth.

ADHD Friendly Customer Service

In MiNDFUL, you'll experience ADHD-friendly customer service that truly understands your needs. Our dedicated team is here to provide support and assistance tailored to your ADHD journey, ensuring you feel heard, valued, and supported throughout your membership. We're committed to making your experience as smooth and accommodating as possible, so you can focus on your personal growth and development.

Confident Team Lead
Rollercoaster Ride

Live confidently with ADHD. Join us in MiNDFUL.

A MiNDFUL monthly membership is your ticket to a future where you'll feel more confident, compassionate, and in control of your life, without ADHD taking the reins. Join us today and pave the way to your empowered tomorrow.

Real Life Impact

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"Before coaching with Kamden I was burned out physically, and emotionally. I was struggling with my relationship with my wife and kids. I didn't see a way out other then to just pushing forward. I didn't know how much longer I was going to be able to keep up with the family, work, and other responsibilities without something breaking. I did not understand it at the time but my ADHD was the root cause to the depression, anxiety, and exhaustion, struggling relationships, self-esteem issues and many other struggles. Kamden has helped me learn new ways of thinking and other tools that have changed my life for the better forever. I have started new habits that have significantly improved my family relationships. I feel more confidence, happiness and energy than I have in many years. Kamden is not only the most knowledgeable person I've met on ADHD, but even more importantly she is masterful with how to apply that knowledge to help me live my best life. Because Kamden also has ADHD she was able to understand what I was going through and make invaluable suggestions through her own life experiences."

Anonymous, ADHD Coaching Client

Get the 4-1-1 on MiNDFUL


Do I have to be a parent, entrepreneur or spiritual to join mindful?

Nope! MiNDFUL welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and genders. While many of our members are business owners, parents and may share similar faith and values, we embrace diversity and  provide tools that can benefit people with ADHD, regardless of their life situation. Our program is designed to acknowledge a range of individuals, and our content is customizable to address the unique needs of those with ADHD. 

If I have a hectic schedule, when would be the ideal time to begin?

MiNDFUL is your personal toolbox, offering a wealth of resources for exploration at your pace. Dedicate just one hour a week to our coaching calls to transform your life. Catch up anytime with our video recordings for flexible scheduling, making it more accessible to integrate into your routine.

What subjects are included in the library?

Our content library delves into a wide range of subjects, including personal growth, mindfulness, productivity, self-compassion, resilience, and many more. We're dedicated to expanding this library as our program grows, ensuring you have access to a diverse array of educational resources. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate life's challenges and work with your ADHD to your advantage.

How easy is the cancellation process?

We've made cancellation shame and hassle-free. Simply email us at, and we'll take care of the rest. We're committed to ensuring MiNDFUL is the right fit for you, without any pressure or tricks. We value your experience and want to make your journey with us as smooth as possible, including the option to cancel with ease.

Can my partner use the program?

Absolutely! We offer one membership per household, ensuring that anyone in your home can access our courses and coaching sessions.We are committed to providing support to the entire family, but please note that certain coaching calls may not be appropriate for individuals under the age of 18. Recognizing that ADHD impacts not just the individual but their loved ones as well. Our program provides valuable insights and strategies for everyone in your household.

How long can I access the content?

As long as you're a part of MiNDFUL, you'll have unlimited access to our resources. Think of it as a mental and emotional gym; our tools are always there to help you strengthen your well-being. We want you to have ongoing support on your ADHD journey, ensuring that you can revisit and reinforce what you've learned whenever you need it.

Is private coaching available?

While we primarily offer group coaching, which has proven highly effective, Kamden offers a unique opportunity for 1:1 coaching to a select group of individuals for $2,500 for 12 weeks. You can find more information about this on our website. This personalized coaching experience is designed to provide tailored support and guidance for those seeking individual attention on their ADHD journey.

Why should I join now?

As an early member of MiNDFUL, your price remains unchanged for as long as you're with us, and you'll enjoy a more personalized experience in our intimate community. As our program expands, we'll also be adding more sessions to accommodate our growing family.

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This ADHD coaching works. Start today.

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